Personal Training allows for individualized programming and performance optimization strategies to meet each athlete’s needs and specific imbalances.  Personal Training weekly packages include a 1-hour training session and 3 days of homework to be completed on your own or at Forged Barbell with an General Membership. There are also 5-week and 10-week punch cards available.


Group Trainings provide access to a coach at a lower cost than personal training.  What is sacrificed in individualized attention and programming is made up for by the communal atmosphere and intensity generated in a group setting.  Class descriptions are below.



Mobility is basic maintenance of the human body.  More than just stretching, the Mobility class cycles between activating and releasing groups of muscles from small stabilizers to prime movers.  This class incorporates a series of activation drills, myofascial release techniques, flexibility exercises, joint compression and distraction, PNF stretching, and yoga poses to optimize your alignment, movement, posture, and recovery.


Barbell Club:

The Barbell Club meets once a week for 1.5 hours to lift with the coach.  This strength program is designed to build raw strength and power in our athletes. All levels are welcome.  This club membership includes access to 3 days/week of strength programming that can be completed on your own or at Functional Fitness with an Access Membership.  The USAW sanctioned Barbell Club competes on a regular basis in the sports of Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting.  Competition is not required, but it sure is fun!


Olympic Weightlifting:

The effectiveness of Olympic Weightlifting is second to none for the development of speed, power, flexibility, coordination, neural recruitment, balance, muscle synchronization, and metabolic development.  This class is appropriate for all levels of lifters, and focuses on the warm-up and execution of the snatch and the clean &jerk.  Accessory and mobility movements are included in the last 15 minutes of class.



This is the class that trains you to survive the zombie apocalypse, win a fight against a grizzly, and protect your family in the event of an alien invasion.  Borrowing elements from the methodologies of track & field, gymnastics, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and strongman training, this class develops general physical preparedness for all types of athletes.  This class is 1 block of strength and 1 block of conditioning. All levels welcome.

learn to lift:

Intended for beginners and advanced athletes who want to slow down and focus on form, this class teaches perfection. We spend an hour building foundations for the squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press, snatch, and clean & jerk.

kids foundations:

A class dedicated to kids age 6-13 that focuses on building fitness foundations and weightlifting positions through games and functional play based movement.


Babywearing & Prenatal strength:

Parents of young children often find that self-care becomes a luxury of other people.  This class is designed to include your fetus, baby, or toddler.  Babywearing has so many psychological and physiological benefits for child development, and can provide similar benefits for parents.  This class focuses on common imbalances and weaknesses associated with growing and nourishing small humans including glutes, abdominals, pelvic floor, diaphragm, posterior delts and rotators, and postural awareness.




Coached Open Gym is an opportunity for you to come when it fits in your schedule, not have to worry about being late, and work at your own pace while still getting the coaching and attention that we all need to improve our lifts.


After completing the Intro Membership, members have the opportunity to access the gym any time between 5am and 11pm to complete their programming. While there is no guarantee that a coach will be present, many of our more advanced athletes prefer to have flexibility to fit their training into busy schedules.


The Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching program is like Personal Training for your life.  Everything from food choices, meal plans, supplements, sleep, movement, and water consumption is fair game.  Monthly memberships include one-on-one sessions with me, a symptoms and systems assessment, remote support as-needed, and meal plans or nutritional guidance individualized to each athlete’s goals. We believe in the foundation of a whole foods nutrient dense diet and optimal health results in optimal performance in the gym.


Competition is a really fun way to test and retest progress.  Whether you would like to compete in powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, or the sport of fitness, we will be there to coach you, support you, lift with you, and take embarrassing photos of you with social medial intentions. Our teams train together, travel together, and compete as a team.